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R-5 XPS Insulation Board

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To meet the R13+5 prescriptive method requirements of the 2009 Energy Code in Zones 5, 6 and Marine 4, Use GreenGuard R-5 (1″) XPS Insulation Board for walls sheathed with 25% or less structural sheathing.
Continuous Insulation (Ci) means creating an insulation blanket around the exterior of the structure. When you apply GreenGuard R-5 XPS Insulation over studs, you create a wall with reduced energy loss through thermal bridging and less potential for moisture problems. With insulation on the exterior of the wall cavity, the dew point is moved outward, reducing the potential for condensation on the warm side of the wall cavity. And, since XPS Insulation does not absorb water, you create an additional barrier to water penetration from the exterior.
GreenGuard R-5 XPS Insulation Board is available as square-edge (CM) or shiplap-edge (SL) sheets.

Property Test Method 1"
Product Type ASTM C 578 IV
Thermal Resistance, R-Value
ASTM C 518
(@75° Mean Temperature)
Thermal Conductivity
ASTM C 518 0.2
Compressive Strength
(min.,psi @ 10% Deflection)
ASTM D 1621 25
Water Absorption
(Max. % by Volume)
(Desiccant Method)
Fire Characteristics
Flame Spread
Smoke Development
ASTM E 84/ UL 723
(min. pcf)
ASTM C 303 1.55