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Wood Siding

Water Infiltration: Wood siding is vulnerable to water infiltration through seams, as well as absorption through the wood. One approach to handling this is to install wood siding or shakes over wood furring strips to create drainage space or a “rain screen” wall. However, a secondary weather barrier is still required to protect the wall sheathing.

Water Management Solution: Install a drainage wrap to move the water to the base of the wall. A drainage mat with thicker drainage channels is even more effective. Both approaches allow air movement in the space between the wrap and the siding to help facilitate drying.

RainDrop® Building Wrap is an ideal secondary weather barrier for wood siding. It drains water and maintains space for air movement. Unlike embossed or “crinkled” drainage wraps, the drainage channels do not crush when the siding is nailed tight.

DC14 Drainage Mat, with drainage channels on both sides, provides even greater drainage and air movement behind siding. It is an excellent choice for wood siding because it resists wood chemicals. The best practice, when windows are to be flashed, is to install a layer of GreenGuard wrap as a secondary weather barrier before installing DC14.