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Vinyl Siding

Water Infiltration: While vinyl siding is an open structure that lets wind-blown rain come through easily, it just as easily drains and dries. So problems can be managed by proper installation of a good, water-resistant building wrap, in addition to proper flashing of openings.

Water Management Solution: Use of a drainage wrap or drainage mat enhances the water-shedding properties of the vinyl. A good 60-minute equivalent wrap, such as Classic Wrap, also works well in this application. Better still is MAX, which performs as both a water and air barrier.

DC14 Drainage Mat, which is ¼” thick with drainage channels on both sides, moves water quickly away from vinyl siding. It can serve as a weather-resistive barrier if installed according to WRB guidelines. For even better protection against water, install any GreenGuard building wrap on the wall and cover with DC14.