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Moisture Management

Primary Water Management: Initial Deflection

Secondary Water Management: Deflection, Drainage, Drying

When it comes to creating structures that last, we understand one of the biggest issues you face—moisture management. Water will penetrate the wall through any opening. It can be forced through exterior siding by wind, or simply leak through cracks. It soaks through mortar, stone, stucco, and brick. Air can even bring moisture into the wall in vapor form. Once inside the wall, water can cause significant damage, if it’s not properly managed. A typical residential wall is at least 25% wood, or cellulose. Wet wood can lead to mold and rot. Plus cellulose and fiberglass insulation lose R-Value when wet, decreasing their insulative performance over time. To stop exterior water from penetrating the wall and preserve durability and performance, structures need the protection of a water managed walls approach that combines exterior cladding, secondary weather barriers, and flashings.