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Ductwork – Luther Home of Mercy Case Study

Ductwork – Luther Home of Mercy Case Study header

Live case study of different HVAC ductwork specifications at Luther Home of Mercy

This White Paper details an independent study commissioned by Kingspan Insulation of two air-distribution ductwork installations, in two identical new construction buildings. It compares: energy use; associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions; and installed, operational and whole life costs. The findings show that ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct System:

  • Had an air-leakage rate 80% less than that of the ductwork constructed with galvanized sheet steel and insulated with glass fiber duct wrap
  • Could save 720 MMBtu / 213,600 kWh and 188 short tons / 170 metric tons of CO2 over 30 years
  • Could reduce COemissions by 1.79 lb/sq.ft / 8.74 kg/m­2 of building floor area
  • Had an installed cost, which was over 16% less expensive than the glass fiber insulated sheet metal
  • Over 30 years, could yield a whole life cost saving of over 14%