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DC14 Drainage Mat

DC14 Drainage Mat header

DC14 Drainage Mat is a practical, economical method to handle water that penetrates exterior cladding. With drainage channels on both sides, it permits easy drainage for water and allows air movement between the siding and sheathing to help keep the wall dry. Because DC14 is made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), it does not absorb moisture and is not a food source for mold. The board is effective with fiber cement, wood, and foam-backed vinyl. It is ideal for drainage and drying behind stucco and stone veneers.

Property Test Method DC14 Drainage Mat
Thermal Resistance, R-Value1
ASTM C 518
(@ 75ºF Mean Temp.)
(lbs./1,000 ft.²)
Water Vapor Permeance
(Procedure A)
Water Absorption
(Max % by Volume)
ASTM C 272 0.2
Fire Characteristics<sup>2</sup>
Flame Spread
Smoke Developed
ASTM E 84/UL 723
Max, Recommended Use
Temp. (°F)
Water Resistance/Wall Assembly<sup>3</sup>
(2 hrs. @ 300 Pa/50 mph)
ASTM E 331 Pass
Thickness (Nominal) 1/4"
Width<sup>4</sup> (inches) 48"
Length<sup>4</sup> (ft.) 48'
Bundles/Pallet 45
Square Feet/Bundle 192
Square Feet/Pallet 8,640

<sup>1</sup> Specimens were aged and tested in accordance with FTC Rule (16 CFR, Part 460).

<sup>2</sup> These numerical flame spread and smoke ratings are not intended to reflect hazards presented by these materials under actual fire conditions (foam only). See UL Classification Certificate A184.

<sup>3</sup> DC14 Drainage Mat was evaluated in accordance with the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Sheathing Panels Used as Water-Resistive Barriers (AC71). The product was installed over wood sheathing as an alternative to building paper or housewrap. All horizontal and vertical seams were sealed with GreenGuard ® Contractor Tape and the interface between the window frame and the DC14 was sealed using GreenGuard ® Self-Adhering Flashing. All other wall penetrations were sealed using either spray foam, caulk, adhesive tape or self-adhering flashing membrane. Refer to ICC-ES Evaluation Report No. ESR-2136 for details regarding the use of other GreenGuard Fanfold Underlayments as water-resistive barriers.

<sup>4</sup> These dimensions apply to each fanfolded bundle.