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Plaza on University

Project Summary
Project Name: Plaza on University
Location: Orlando, Florida
Product Kingspan GreenGuard® RainDrop® 3D Building Wrap
Kingspan GreenGuard® RainDrop® Seam Tape
Kingspan GreenGuard® RainDrop® Standard Flashing
Kingspan GreenGuard® RainDrop® SuperStretch™ Butyl Flashing
Building Type: Student Reidence Apartments
Product Installer: Da Pau Enterprises

Apartments Utilize Kingspan’s Moisture Management System

pou-4 The immediate area around the University of Central Florida is home to the sixth largest population of college students in the U.S. To provide housing for them, American Campus Communities, the nation’s largest developer, owner and manager of high-quality student housing communities, recently opened Plaza on University. These furnished, modern living spaces feature fully equipped kitchens, a 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center and an Academic Success Center with group study lounges.

American Campus Communities is committed to using sustainable building practices in all new construction developments. During the design phase of the complex, it was mandated that the buildings would not just be built to current standards, but also to meet those that may be developed in years ahead. That is why the Kingspan GreenGuard® products were specified to help Plaza on University achieve moisture management and energy efficiency.

Built for the Future

The Kingspan GreenGuard® portfolio comprises energy efficiency and moisture management products designed to provide exterior protection for a building. The apartments at Plaza on University will be protected from moisture intrusion caused by the torrential rains and high humidity that is common in Central Florida.

Manufactured and distributed throughout the United States, GreenGuard® products are easily recognizable by their green color. In addition to creating healthier, more durable and cost-efficient structures, GreenGuard® products can help meet “green” building certification requirements.

The range of products for commercial and residential applications is extensive. It includes high-performance air barrier and drainage building wraps, continuous insulation products, drainage mat, roofing cover board, synthetic roofing underlayment, tapes, XPS insulation board, sheathing, siding underlayment, self-adhering flashing and sill sealer.

Specific Specifications

Approximately 500+ rolls of 9’x125’ GreenGuard® RainDrop® 3D Building Wrap were specified for this project. “RainDrop’s innovative drainage channels will keep water out of the wall system,” said Mike Langguth, Regional Market Manager for Kingspan Insulation. “The channels are designed not to crimp, collapse, or flatten, ensuring water will drain no matter how tightly cladding is nailed to the wall.” RainDrop® is a qualified air barrier to the ASTM E 2178 standard, and is listed with the Air Barrier Association of America. It has demonstrated water holdout capabilities in industry-recognized water resistance tests AATCC-127 & ASTM D 779. This non-perforated wrap “breathes” to allow moisture vapor to escape. “With its high tear resistance and translucent design, installation is quick and easy with no jobsite waste,” said Langguth. “And it stays UV-stable up to nine months.”

Da Pau Enterprises, based in Orlando, Florida, was the installing contractor for GreenGuard® products on the Plaza on University project. To ensure the wrap was secure and all openings were sealed completely, the crew from Da Pau Enterprises used three types of Kingspan GreenGuard® accessories: GreenGuard® Seam Tape, GreenGuard® Standard Flashing and GreenGuard® SuperStretch™ Butyl Flashing.

GreenGuard® Seam Tape is a self-adhering tape that adds an extra layer of air and moisture protection to each apartment building. This tape will stick tight in all seasons, even when the temperature drops below freezing. Long-lasting UV stabilizers help it resist the deteriorating effects of the sun. This seam tape can also be used to repair rips in damaged insulation and building wrap, eliminating waste and saving money.

Central Florida gets drenched during its six-month rainy season, so blocking water intrusion around windows and doors is a must for preventing wall damage. Properly installed self-adhering GreenGuard® Standard Flashing, available in 4”, 6”, 9” and 12” sizes, deflects water away from a wall.

This flashing is made with rubber-modified asphalt adhesive that can be applied in a wide range of temperatures. At each of the window openings and special corners on the Plaza on University project, the Da Pau crew installed GreenGuard® SuperStretch™ Butyl Flashing. This self-adhering membrane combines a polyolefin film with a butyl adhesive and stretches to fit tightly to those openings and corners. It also adheres across a wide range of installation temperatures, making it effective in all climates. Its stretch ability allows GreenGuard® SuperStretch™ to cover irregular surfaces, eliminating gaps that could create water canals.

Kingspan Support for Outstanding Installation

pou-1 pou-2 pou-3According to Mike Langguth there were three primary benefits for specifying GreenGuard® products for the Plaza on University project. “Drainage within the wall system was enhanced, due to the high performance of the GreenGuard® RainDrop® 3D wrap,” he said. “Because the project installed the complete GreenGuard® water management system – RainDrop® 3D Building Wrap, Seam Tape and Flashing – Kingspan offered a15-year product and labor warranty.” But the company offered support in other ways too. “Onsite support included installation training and inspections by a GreenGuard® representative,” said Langguth. “This ensured the material was installed correctly so the wall system performed as it was designed to do.”

Langguth had high praise for Da Pau Enterprises and the excellent work they did installing the GreenGuard® products to perform together as a complete system. “The installation was done by a very reputable applicator,” he said. “Their work resulted in making the Plaza on University project a great example of what Kingspan Insulation can offer with its GreenGuard® brand products.”

Mike Langguth believes Kingspan GreenGuard® products will become a standard material for commercial construction in the future. “Drainage in the wall system is becoming more widely seen as a necessity in all types of construction, especially commercial, light-commercial and multifamily,” he said. “Enhancing the drainage within the wall system greatly reduces the threats of mold, rot and cladding failure for the future of the structure.”

Moisture Management Evolves

Because the apartment complex is so well protected against moisture intrusion, American Campus Communities can look forward to a long service life for the structures. The experience gained during the Plaza on University project has also been beneficial for Kingspan Insulation.

Craig Lynch, Kingspan Insulation’s Manager for Specification and Architectural Sales sees this project as having been a learning experience. “On this particular job the builder utilized our flashing for inside and outside corners. This offered a superior level of moisture protection for these critical areas,” said Lynch. “We then took this practice to other builders and architects and ultimately added the detailing to our Light Commercial installation guide.”

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