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A building’s envelope can determine the lifespan and ensure the most
efficient use of the structure. It also can make an appreciable difference
in the success of what goes on inside.

Kingspan has been in the forefront of developing insulation and
moisture protection products that are efficient and cost effective.
Kingspan GreenGuard® products have been engineered and
designed to maximize how a structure’s internal environment is
protected from the external environment.

For medical treatment and research facilities, environmental and climate
controls take on even greater importance. Internal climate quality can
affect the progress of any work done in a facility. Air filtration, moisture
and temperature must be controlled as precisely as possible. Testing,
experiments and research must not be affected in ways that could taint
procedure results, specimen conditions and ultimately the outcomes of
treatments and investigations.

A Dog Story

When North Carolina State University in Raleigh adopted its Centennial
concept, it planned massive upgrades and new construction embracing
cutting edge technologies. N.C. State wanted not only sustainability
and flexibility but also consideration of environmental and fiscal
responsibilities. The university’s goal was to move into the 21st century
by setting a new standard for a mixed-use university property. The
vision was to combine lab and office space with college classrooms,
living quarters and recreational opportunities. The project would need
the most modern design, construction concepts and materials.

Part of the long-term plan included expanding the College of Veterinary
Medicine, which would include not only 130,000 square feet of
research facilities but also the latest in lab facilities where research
teams could investigate infectious diseases and conduct clinical studies
and trials.

But a new component was on the planning board as well.

Since the 1998 loss of one of his beloved Golden Retrievers, Nike, local businessman, newspaper publisher and philanthropist Randall Terry had wanted to see a bigger, better facility where the people of Raleigh could bring their animal family members. He wanted the community to have access not only to routine appointments, but also therapies available solely at highly specialized veterinary clinics. His dream hospital would train the next generations of veterinarians and clinicians in the latest technologies in animal care, such as the nation’s first bone marrow transplant program for crucial cancer treatments. It would, in conjunction with the college, provide a much wider array of services for the community.

Terry died in 2004, but his dream for the Terry Companion Animal Center lived on. The R.B. Terry Charitable Foundation donated $20 million and the 2006 North Carolina General Assembly provided additional appropriations for the project. Construction began in 2007 and Kingspan became an integral part of the expansive, cutting-edge project.

Guarding Against Moisture and Pollutants

Kingspan GreenGuard® XPS Insulation Board was selected to address
not only climate control and structural integrity, but also other crucial
issues, including the need to diminish the risk of interior pollutants.
Used as an exterior application (stud wall continuous insulation) the
dew point is effectively moved away from the interior to better reduce
the chance of moisture accumulation inside the wall cavity.

GreenGuard® XPS Insulation Board also creates an additional barrier
to moisture. Made of extruded polystyrene, it does not absorb water,
and does not contribute to mold growth. The additional barrier helps
keep pollutants from developing and encroaching into the medical and
research facilities. The chance of sensitive work becoming compromised
is considerably lessened.

Its thermal insulating capabilities, at an R-Value of 5.0 per inch, increased the building’s energy efficiency. In addition, according to Craig Lynch, Kingspan’s Specification and Architectural Sales Manager, the advantage of a shiplap edge option allows for joining panels in such a way that no air can leak through the gaps. Insulation and moisture abatement continues at the same thickness in a seamless way. The shiplap design also limits particulate matter from invading sensitive areas. Because the panels come in different sizes, contractors can better design and implement material usage, translating into significant savings on installation labor costs and time.
Kingspan GreenGuard® MAX™ Building Wrap and Seam Tape were
used to complete the installation envelope to achieve a safe structure.
“Now we’re getting as close to the perfect wall as we can get,” Lynch

The Kingspan GreenGuard® MAX™ Building Wrap installation
provides both long- and short-term cost savings to the college

The Vet Can See You More Frequently

With no air leaks, no moisture absorption and virtually no deterioration
due to moisture, the Kingspan GreenGuard® product line provided
exactly what N.C. State needed for its full-service medical facility.

Before the new center was built, the college’s vet clinics could handle
only about 12,000 patients. Since opening the new facilities in 2011,
the complex and animal center handle almost 30,000 cases each year.

As recently as 2015, the Terry Foundation raised and donated an
additional $16 million to fund research, give scholarships and endow
professorships. It is drawing the best and brightest to the profession.
N.C. State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is ranked among
the top three veterinary schools in the country.

“Kingspan is proud to have been part of this major project,” Lynch said.
“Patients, pet owners and anyone using the facility might not see our
GreenGuard® products when they come through those doors, but
we know we’re part of a bigger picture.”

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