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RainDrop’s innovative drainage channels keep water out of the wall system. The channels are designed not to crimp, collapse, or flatten, ensuring water will drain no matter how tightly cladding is nailed to the wall. RainDrop is a recognized air barrier material listed with, and it has demonstrated water holdout capabilities in industry-recognized water resistance tests. This non-perforated wrap also breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape.
With its high tear resistance and translucent design, installation is quick and easy with no job site waste. And it stays UV-stable up to 9 months.


Square Feet/Roll 3' x 125' 9' x 125' 10' x 125' 
Rolls/Pallet 84 40 40 
Pallet Size 48" x 96" 42" x 109" 42" x 120" 
Typical Physical Properties 
Property Test Method RainDrop® 3D
ASTM D 1777 .020
(lbs./1,000 ft.²)
ASTM D 3776 21
Tensile Strength
ASTM D 882 56/30
Trapezoid Tearing Strength
(lbs., MD/TD)2
ASTM D 4533 25/41
Burst Strength
ASTM D 751 155
Water Resistance
ASTM D 779 >120
Water Penetration Resistance (CM H2O) AATCC-127 >600
Drainage Efficiency3
(% Water Drained)
ASTM E 2273 >90

Water Vapor Permeance
Desiccant Method
Water Vapor Transmission Rate
(g/m²/24 hrs.)
Desiccant Method
Air Permeance (L/s/m2 @ 75 Pa)
(cfm/ft2 @ 1.57 psf)
ASTM E 2178 0.001
Air Resistance/Wall Assembly
(L/s/m2@ 75 Pa)
(cfm/ft2 @ 1.57 psf
ASTM E 2357 <.0.01
Air Penetration Resistance
(seconds per 100 cc)
TAPPI T-460 >800
Air Leakage Rate/Air Resistance
(cfm/ft²@ 1.57 psf/25 mph)
ASTM E 283 0.01
Structural Integrity
(minimum 1 hr. @ 500 Pa/65 mph)
ASTM E 330
Procedure A
Water Resistance
(15 min.@ 27 Pa/15 mph)
ASTM E 331 Pass
Fire Characteristics4
Flame Spread
Smoke Developed
ASTM E 84 Class A

1 Low Point (.010 inches/10 mils), High Point (.020 inches/20 mils).
2 Machine Direction/Cross Direction.
3 Drainage testing was conducted in accordance with ASTM E 2273-03 using a cementitious base coat as required for EIFS and adhered veneers. The GreenGuard® RainDrop® was installed directly over the sheathing and the exterior side of the RainDrop® was covered with a layer of Grade D water-resistive barrier/building paper as required in the International Residential Code for stucco wall assemblies.
4 These numerical flame spread and smoke ratings are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this material under actual fire conditions.