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Using GreenGuard in your new home helps reduce energy consumption and increase your home’s defense against moisture infiltration—helping avoid mold and mildew damage from external sources.

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Products
GreenGuard’s extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation products give your home superior moisture resistance. Because they are made of a synthetic material, they do not absorb moisture, are not a food source for mold, and are not subject to moisture-related damage and deterioration. They also retain their insulating properties over time, so your home will be more comfortable and last longer. When our XPS wall sheathing is substituted for wood sheathing, your walls are better insulated and have greater resistance to water.

Due to its high R-Value per inch of thickness and resistance to water absorption, our XPS insulation board is ideal for areas such as:

  • Along the foundation exterior
  • Below the slab
  • Inside the basement wall
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Below heated floors

Building Wraps
No matter what type of home you build, all exterior sidings will let water through. GreenGuard building wraps serve as a barrier to water infiltration, protecting your walls—particularly the wood-based structural portions—from water damage. In addition, air can penetrate cracks and seams in the wall sheathing, causing drafts and carrying moisture. GreenGuard building wraps create a barrier between the siding and wall sheathing to help restrict air infiltration. These wraps play an essential role in protecting your walls—and your investment in your home.

Butyl Flashing
One of the primary causes of water damage in walls is leakage around windows, doors, and other openings. Properly installed flashing is the key to keeping water out of walls and avoiding costly repairs. GreenGuard’s high-performance flashings are made with a butyl adhesive—not asphalt—that is 100% virgin rubber and has no VOC emissions. The flashings adhere in a broad range of temperatures, and they stick tight over time. When building a new home or an addition, make sure all the openings are protected with GreenGuard flashings.