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Thin Is In Kooltherm


  • The thinnest rigid thermoset insulation
  • The highest R-value per inch
  • Outstanding fire and smoke performance
K10 Kooltherm

Kooltherm® K10 FM SOFFIT BOARD

  • Premium Performance rigid thermoset insulation for structural ceilings (soffits)
  • R-value of 16 on 2"
  • FM approved to Class 1 fire rating
  • ASTM E 84 rating of 25 / 20 (flame / smoke)
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HPW ™ Building Wrap

  • Provides advanced moisture management
  • Non-woven construction
  • Air barrier and water-resistive barrier
  • Residential and commercial applications

The Koolduct System

Pre-Insulated Rectangular HVAC Ductwork

Koolduct Ductwork
  • Cutting Energy Use
  • Cutting Operational CO2 Emissions
  • Cutting Costs
  • Cutting Edge
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25 PSI Board

  • Ideal exterior, below grade insulation board
  • Extruded polystyrene construction provides superior moisture resistance
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and simple installation
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DC14 Drainage Mat

  • Ample space allows airflow for drying between cladding and sheathing
  • Extruded polystyrene does not absorb moisture or become a food source for mold
  • Ideal behind stucco, stone, brick veneer, and siding
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  • Mechanically-fastened and ballasted roof membranes
  • Quick to install and easy to use
  • Durable with high moisture resistance
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Raindrop ® 3d

  • Innovative drainage channels keep water out
  • Non-perforated wrap breathes to let moisture vapor to escape
  • Quick and easy installation